Handcrafted wall type bottle openers

Handcrafted wall type bottle openers

Hello everyone. I would like to show you the process in creating my wall type bottle openers with magnet inside. This was not bought in a shop but created in my Wood shop.

step 1

piece of wood is selected.

step 2

wood is cut to specific size


wood is sanded on both sides

step 4

wood is made wet with water to raise wood gain

step 5

the images are laser engraved onto the wooden surface.

step 6

wood is sanded with a fine sand paper

step 7

the sides / edges of the wood is router-ed

step 8

a round cavity is cut out in the rear for magnet placement

step 9

holes are drilled for the bottle opener and screw holes for wall type mounted openers

step 10

the magnet is placed into the back and glued in with hot glue

step 11

the magnetic bottle opener is finished with a oil and left for 24 hours

step 12

the bottle opener receive another oil layer

step 13

product is finished



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